Do you tend to carry a lot of luggage with you on a long journey? Unload some of your items from your trunk or cargo space and place them onto a roof rack made by Thule in Calgary. A roof rack enables you to carry everything with you without having to overload the inside of your vehicle, leaving nowhere for your passengers to sit.

A solid roof rack goes a long way when you are travelling. Even if you are just taking a day trip, below are some reasons you should consider purchasing one.


If you love adventure, there are many types of roof racks you can get for your car. You might consider one of the following racks:

  • Bike rack
  • Kayak/Canoe rack
  • Ski and snowboard rack
  • Surf and paddleboard rack

Each of these roof racks is made with a specific adventure in mind. Bike racks come in upright and fork-mounted versions so you can attach your bike to your car in a position you prefer. Kayak/canoe racks are built for stability which is extremely important when hauling large items like boats and boards. A ski and snowboard rack will usually be hinged for easy, secure placement. Surfboard and paddleboard racks are designed for a flat aerodynamic layout on your vehicle like the adventure items themselves.

No matter what your adventure, you want to make sure your equipment stays safe on your journey. Thule in Calgary is an excellent brand providing you with many rack options for your vehicle. Do you want to have a Yakima ski box in Calgary this winter? Easily mount your box on top of your Thule roof rack for all your ski/snowboard adventures.


If you are an avid camper, a roof rack from Thule in Calgary gives you the perfect spot to carry your tent. With rooftop camping becoming a major activity, a roof rack-supported tent can get you on a fun adventure sooner than you think.

Prevents damage

Instead of possibly damaging your vehicle by sliding something like a boat directly on top of your car, you can help prevent the risk of damage by installing a roof rack. Roof racks put space between your roof and the item on top of it while allowing you to securely attach accessories to your vehicle without them sliding back and forth.

Of course, as with any roof rack, you need to ensure the following:

  • The rack you choose can support the weight you are about to put on it and your vehicle can support the weight of the rack and your items
  • You have proper supports/straps and follow the guidelines for installation of your roof rack

You are now ready to raise the bar on your next adventure!