Camping season is here, and what better way for you to enjoy the great outdoors than to assemble your new Tepui tent on your roof rack and hit the road?! Your favourite spot up in the mountains by a nearby stream is the perfect place to set up camp for a few days. The best way to relax on your mini-vacation is to ensure all your gear is in order and easy to use. This is where Tepui Calgary can help. Whether you have a car, SUV or crossover vehicle, you will be impressed with the features of Tepui tents and Thule roof racks.

Tepui tents in Calgary can withstand the ever-changing elements

Are you wondering if your Tepui tent can withstand the outside elements? Alberta can see a mixture of weather in the course of a few days. You could experience rain, wind, sunshine, and even snow during any month of the year. It is important to know that Tepui has got you covered, literally. Camping is fun when you can stay dry and enjoy a good night’s sleep. With your Tepui tent, you know you won’t get wet even in the pouring rain.

Tepui roof racks

Tepui roof racks

You’re off the ground for a comfortable night’s sleep

Maybe this is your first time taking your significant other out camping. You’ll want to impress your date with your outdoor skills. Set your sights on an adventure of a lifetime, knowing that your Tepui tent can withstand the road trip and the cool nights. Being off the ground reduces the risk of bugs crawling into your sleeping quarters and keeps the dampness of the earth away from your mattress. As a bonus, your tent is mounted on top of your vehicle, giving you the best view around.

There are many Tepui rooftop tent models to fit your needs

Tepui Calgary has a whole series of rooftop tents for a variety of purposes. Lightweight tents are ideal for those spur-of-the-moment 1-2-night trips. If you are more of an adventurous type, then perhaps you should consider a more rugged option built with thicker materials to withstand the most brutal weather Mother Nature can throw at you. There are also hard shell Tepui tents ideal for Jeeps and trucks.

Your Tepui rooftop tent comes in several different sizes, with some large enough to sleep a family of 4. Don’t forget the multiple accessories available like quilted insulators, fitted mattresses, and boot bags. Check with your Tepui Calgary store to get a head start on the year’s best season. It is crucial you choose the right equipment for rainy weather because you know it can creep up on you fast.