Rooftop Tents

Night View of Vehicle Roof Top Tent

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure?

You will feel like the king/queen of the world on your next camping trip with the use of a rooftop tent. Thule and Tepui are top brands you can count on and we carry a variety of styles and sizes for you.



Tepui Baja Series

Do you often bring lots of stuff with you on your camping adventure and find it difficult to squeeze everything into your tent? The Baja Series™ rooftop tents are the perfect solution for all your gear. They are the lightest tents from the three-set series. This line of tents uses Zipper Gimp™ technology to attach the canopy to the tent base. This technology allows you to change the canopy for different climate situations because we all know how unreliable the weather can be.

Enjoying in Forest with Vehicle Roof Top Tent
Vehicle With Soft Shell Rooftop Tent

Tepui Explorer Series

Maybe winter camping is right up your alley but you need to ensure you have the proper equipment to stay warm. This is where the Explorer series of rooftop tents come in. The high-quality coated canopy has a 260G poly-cotton blend material and 600 denier ripstop to keep you warm in harshly cold winds and snow. The Explorer series even has mesh panelling for ventilation on those hot sunny days and every panel has a skylight, ideal for your romantic camping night under the stars.

Tepui Ruggedized Series

Do you like to rough it? You need the Ruggedized series of rooftop tents for your off the beaten path camping trip. Feel safe sleeping in the middle of the woods with the toughest rooftop tent on the market. With fabric that is 40% heavier than standard models, a heavy-duty internal frame and welded aluminum base construction, you are prepared for anything.

Women Cooking in Forest with Vehicle Roof Top Tent


Do you wish you could stack gear on top of your rooftop tent? Now you can with Tepui’s hard shell rooftop tents. You can even use your tent as a cargo carrier (HyBox) when you are not camping. This versatile tent is a great solution for all your needs.

Couple Reading Book in Vehicle Roof Top Tent

Thule and Tepui rooftop tents are made from high-quality materials for only the best adventures! With a beautiful clean design, sturdiness and more comfort than any traditional tent, your tent is sure to stand out from the others at the campsite.

Easy to maneuver and assemble, these tents can be used whether you are a novice camper or have plenty of outdoor experience. There is even a built-in mattress to avoid that extra set-up component on your trip.

Make your next camping trip a fun adventure for everyone with a tent built to be rugged or homely, fit for any type of outdoor enthusiast. Feel like you are floating on cloud 9 in your new tent designed for up to 4 people.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a good quality rooftop tent that is well-maintained can last 10-20 years or more.

Yes, rooftop tents can support up to 600 lbs and are securely mounted onto the vehicle. Even in aggressive wind, you’ll feel safe and secure. 

A hardshell rooftop tent can either be stored flat or vertically leaned up against the wall. If it’s leaned up against a wall, you’ll want to make sure that it won’t tip over.

Hardshell rooftop tents have a firm outer shell made from aluminum, fibreglass, or stiff plastic. The firm shell creates the tent’s floor and ceiling and the fabric walls fasten to the ridges, connecting the hard floor and ceiling. The tent walls consist of long-lasting waterproof material (polyamide or canvas). 

Inspect your car’s dynamic weight capacity to determine if it can carry a rooftop tent’s weight safely while driving, and choose a tent model that meets your vehicle’s carrying ability. You must ensure your car can support a roof rack system.

More than likely, the one you currently have will suffice! The majority of vehicles can carry a rooftop tent. However, be sure to follow your vehicle’s roof capacity. This is essential as this figure will indicate the amount of weight you can safely transport on your vehicle. 

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