The Hitch Shop stocks 5th wheel Hitches from all the major manufacturers.


We carry fifth wheel hitches to accommodate any size trailer and can help you choose the right hitch for your towing needs. Whether you need your existing hitch installed in a new truck or a new hitch we can supply and install it right away. We have products that will install both into OEM underfed systems and into industry-standard rails. There are lots of choices and we can help you choose the one that is best for you.

What is a fifth wheel hitch?

A fifth wheel hitch is a flat plate hitch that is located in the bed of a pickup truck. The plate is large, flat, and typically has a horseshoe shape to it. There are metal rails that run under the hitch that attach the hitch to the bed of the truck, this system makes the hitch remarkably strong and sturdy. The hitch then connects to the trailer by a pin called the “kingpin” which attaches on to the hitch plate. The kingpin promotes security but flexibility, offering the vehicle and trailer secure pivoting capabilities when turning. The flat plate of the hitch and the flat plate of the trailer will slide against one another when in motion so it is important to maintain proper lubrication between the two plates.

A fifth wheel hitch ensures a smoother ride while towing than its counterpart the gooseneck hitch. The hitch will have less sway and a generally quieter ride because of the engineering of the plates and the kingpin. Just like the gooseneck hitch, the fifth wheel hitch can carry a heavy load with enhanced stability and efficiency. Please note that these types of hitches are typically used for fifth-wheel trailers.

Benefits of choosing a fifth-wheel trailer hitch:

One of the main advantages of choosing a fifth-wheel hitch is it makes it easier to maneuver. Due to the hitch’s placement, a better turning radius is provided, making trailer or RV maneuverability easier when coming around corners. Improved stability is another benefit of a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. With the trailer fastened in your truck bed, you gain greater stability than standard ball hitches.

Other fifth-wheel trailer hitch benefits include:

1. Smooth and stable towing capabilities
2. Easy hookup
3. Safe and flexible turning radius
4. Minimal sway
5. Balanced weight distribution
6. Fuel efficient

Fifth-wheel hitch frequently asked questions

What should the torque be of the top bolt on the fifth wheel connection hitch?

60 ft-lbs torque is sufficient as the bolt could be stripped out. You only change the torque if somebody has a problem with the hitch base rotating in the truck’s bed or if they have specific bed liners.

My fifth wheel hitch is displaying some rust in the corners. Should I be worried?

The fifth wheel hitch, by design, has places that the powder overcoat doesn’t reach sufficiently; this generates rust where the base corners meet the curved pipes that create the pyramid figure. The rust appears prematurely as the bare metal is revealed to the elements. However, the rust does not impact the hitch’s structural integrity, but it will impact its aesthetics. We are not worried about the rust developing in an area where the hitch’s strength is compromised. But we advise anyone who enjoys having their hitch look good to scrub the veneer rust and repaint the corners.

Do I need to mount the fifth wheel connection straight to the truck bed, or am I able to use a “Bed Rug?”

We suggest a commodity like BedRug between the hitch’s base and your truck’s bed to thwart unnecessary friction. However, we would advise this torque succession when installing the base to ensure it is tight to the haul vehicle.

Can I add a loftier pop-up ball to fasten to my hitch?

We don’t advise extra offset pin boxes. The only supplementary offset that will not result in such a negative hauling experience would be utilizing an offset gooseneck ball in the truck’s bed. The trailer’s nose-high attitude contributes to an awful and occasionally dangerous hauling experience.

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