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We carry 5th wheel hitches to accommodate any trailer of any size and can help you choose the right hitch for your towing needs. Whether you need your existing hitch installed in a new truck or a new hitch, we can supply and install it right away. We have products that can be installed into OEM underfed systems and industry-standard rails. There are lots of choices, and we can help you choose the one that is best for you.

What is a 5th wheel hitch?

A 5th wheel hitch is a flat plate in a pickup truck’s bed. The plate is large, flat, and typically has a horseshoe shape. There are metal rails that run under the hitch that attach the hitch to the truck’s bed, making the hitch remarkably strong and sturdy. The hitch then connects to the trailer by a pin called the “kingpin,” which attaches to the hitch plate. The kingpin promotes security but flexibility, offering the vehicle and trailer secure pivoting capabilities when turning. The flat plate of the hitch and the plate of the trailer will slide against one another when in motion, so it is important to maintain proper lubrication between them.

A 5th wheel hitch ensures a smoother ride while towing than its counterpart, the gooseneck hitch. Because of the engineering of the plates and the kingpin, the hitch will have less sway and a generally quieter ride. Like the gooseneck hitch, the 5th wheel hitch can carry a heavy load with enhanced stability and efficiency. Please note that these types of hitches are typically used for 5th wheel trailers.

Benefits of choosing a 5th wheel trailer hitch

One of the main advantages of choosing a 5th wheel hitch is that it makes it easier to maneuver. The hitch’s placement provides a better turning radius, making trailer or RV maneuverability easier when coming around corners. Another benefit of a 5th wheel trailer hitch is improved stability. With the trailer fastened in your truck bed, you gain greater stability than standard ball hitches.

Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Smooth and Stable Towing Capabilities: A 5th wheel hitch provides superior towing stability. The hitch’s design, which anchors the trailer’s weight directly over the truck’s rear axle, reduces sway and enhances control, particularly at high speeds or in windy conditions.
  • Balanced Weight Distribution and Increased Towing Capacity: 5th wheel hitches are designed to handle heavier loads than traditional hitch systems. This makes them ideal for towing large RVs, commercial trailers, and other heavy loads that require more support.
  • Safe and flexible turning radius: Thanks to the pivot point being closer to the center of the truck bed, a 5th wheel hitch allows for better maneuverability. This is particularly useful when navigating tight corners, making sharp turns, or reversing. The design of 5th wheel hitches contributes to a safer towing experience by offering more precise steering and handling. The connection between the trailer and the tow vehicle is more secure, reducing the risk of trailer detachment.
  • Easy Hookup: Many users find 5th wheel hitches easier to connect and disconnect than other types of hitches. This can save time and reduce the hassle when preparing for a trip or unhooking at a destination.
  • Minimal Sway: The 5th wheel hitch’s design also contributes to a smoother ride. Distributing the trailer’s weight efficiently minimizes the bounce and vibration that can occur with other hitch types, leading to a more comfortable driving experience.
  • Versatility: While 5th wheel hitches are particularly advantageous for towing large trailers, they can also be used with various trailer sizes and types, offering flexibility for different towing needs.

Choosing a 5th wheel hitch can provide a more stable, safe, and comfortable towing experience, especially for those who frequently tow heavy or large trailers.

Top 5th wheel hitch Brands:

CURT, B&W, and Blue Ox are leading 5th wheel hitch brands, each offering innovative solutions tailored to various towing needs and preferences.

CURT presents a diverse lineup, including the articulating A-Series™ for maximum strength and stability, the professional-grade PowerRide™, the lightweight CrossWing™, and the budget-friendly E-Series™. Each model has unique features such as dual-jaw designs for secure coupling, 4-way pivot systems for flexibility, and easy installation processes, catering to different towing scenarios.

B&W’s Companion 5th wheel hitch integrates seamlessly with under-bed gooseneck mounts, offering a versatile solution that can switch between gooseneck and 5th wheel towing. Certified to tow up to 30,000 pounds, it embodies strength and flexibility, making it suitable for hauling heavy campers or livestock trailers. B&W’s commitment to quality and customer experience is evident in its innovative designs, attention to detail, and unmatched lifetime warranty on American-made products. This dedication has earned B&W accolades as the best 5th wheel hitch from RV Magazine readers for five consecutive years, highlighting their status as a preferred choice for towing enthusiasts seeking reliability and versatility.

Blue Ox is renowned for its quality towing products and offers some of the most effective weight-distributing 5th wheel hitches on the market. Since 1925, they have offered best-in-class customer service and unmatched quality. Blue Ox has an extensive product and accessory line that suits their diverse customer base. With a reputation for some of the best hitches in the industry, you can’t go wrong with their products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional ball hitches, a 5th wheel hitch utilizes a kingpin connection, offering greater stability and weight-bearing capacity. They are typically used for larger trailers and provide better maneuverability.
The weight capacity needed for your 5th wheel hitch depends on the weight of your trailer. Matching the hitch’s capacity to your trailer’s weight is essential to ensure safe towing.
While some experienced individuals may choose to install their 5th wheel hitch themselves, it is recommended to have it professionally installed. Proper installation ensures optimal performance and safety.
A 5th wheel hitch needs to be mounted directly to the bed of the truck, and a bed rug can be used if it’s cut out around the 5th wheel rails.
In addition to the hitch itself, you may need mounting brackets, rails, and hardware specific to your vehicle’s make and model. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult with a professional if needed.
While many pickup trucks can accommodate a 5th wheel hitch, not all are equipped for it. It’s crucial to check your truck’s towing capacity and bed configuration to ensure compatibility with one.
Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance and safety. This includes greasing moving parts, inspecting for wear or damage, and ensuring proper alignment. For specific instructions, refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.
Yes, there are several types of 5th wheel hitches, including fixed position, sliding, and gooseneck adapters. Each type offers unique features and benefits, catering to different towing needs and preferences.
Ensure your hitch is installed correctly and securely attached to your vehicle and trailer. Additionally, observe weight limits, distribute weight evenly, and perform routine safety checks before each trip.
If there is rust in the corners of your 5th wheel hitch, it will not cause structural problems. However, it is important to keep your hitch clean and maintained. Be sure to grease the jaw and the slider as needed.

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