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Get a smooth ride with the Calgary Hitch Shop’s brake controllers

Keep your trailer steady and smooth on the road with brake controllers from the Hitch Shop. These devices feature sensors that determine when your vehicle is braking and apply the same level of braking to the trailer. At the hitch shop we only carry the best quality of brake controllers.

We’ll install your brake controllers

We supply all types of brake controllers and can advise you on the best choice for your towing needs. Our expert technicians will gladly install your brake controller quickly and safely. Call or come in today.

What are the different types of brake controllers?

Electric brake controllers

An electric trailer brake controller is a device that installs in your tow vehicle and activates your trailer’s electric brakes when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle. Many models are available, and they differ from how they look to the number of brakes they can power.  They can be divided into 2 main groups: proportional or time delayed.

Proportional brake controllers

A proportional brake controller senses how the tow vehicle is slowing or stopping and applies the trailer’s brakes with the same intensity. So if you slam on the brakes in your tow vehicle, the controller will activate your trailer’s brakes just as forcefully. With a proportional controller, you can adjust the initial braking power and aggressiveness based on your trailer’s weight and your braking preferences.

Time-Delayed brake controllers

A time-delayed brake controller activates the trailer’s brakes with a preset intensity (power output) and rate of application (sync), both of which are determined by you. With this type of controller, there is a delay between the time that you initially apply the brakes in your tow vehicle and the time that the controller reaches maximum power output to the trailer’s brakes. However, this delay can be adjusted with the sync setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a brake controller, you’ll need to consider the type of cargo you’ll be pulling, how frequently you’ll be hauling, and how you want to combine the device with your car.

Yes, they must have continual power or else they will reset each time you turn off your car. Brake controllers have what’s considered a sleep mode. After a specific duration of time, they “fall asleep” and use only a few milliamps of power, ensuring they don’t drain your car’s battery.

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