Vehicle Wiring and Accessories

The Hitch Shop carries a wide range of T-One connectors made by Tekonsha.. We also stock, tail light converters, modulite power wiring harnesses, fifth wheel wiring harnesses for the box of your truck, brake controller plug in harnesses, and other electrical connectors and adaptors.

The wiring you need for safe and efficient travels! 


If you are towing a trailer recreationally or for work, you are required to have a wiring system that communicates with the brakes on your vehicle. There are a variety of ways that a trailer can be wired and it is entirely dependent upon the towing vehicle. At Hitch Shop we specialize in a wide variety of trailer and RV wiring. If you have questions pertaining to how to wire your trailer please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members here at the Hitch Shop! 


Four-way trailer wiring


Light trailers, such as utility and boat trailers typically use a four-way trailer system. This four-way connection system provides the trailer with the required signalling lights including running lights, right and left turn signals, and brake lights. Our four-way wiring system install has a quick turnaround time so that you can get out on the road safely and quickly. 


Seven-way trailer wiring


Seven-way wiring systems are the most common electric systems for recreational travel trailers. This install provides signals for running light, right and left turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, 12V hot lead, and electric brakes. Ensuring that your trailer is wired properly is integral to safe towing and that is why we would be happy to install the seven-way system for you! 


RV wiring


If you are interested in towing your vehicle behind your RV then, legally, you must have it wired to your RV. The purpose that the wiring serves is to connect the signalling from the RV to the vehicle, to ensure safe driving. The system connects the right and left turn signals, brake and running lights. When it comes to RV electrical you have a few different options that range from removable tail light kits to custom kits. In order to find the right package for your RV and vehicle, we would suggest consulting with one of our experienced staff members here at the Hitch Shop. 


Gooseneck seven-way wiring


When towing a fifth-wheel or a gooseneck trailer, the seven-way wiring system plug is installed right into the box of the truck. The benefit of this system is that it ensures that when you are taking tight corners that the cable doesn’t get stuck on the side of the tailgate, causing you to lose your lights or even worse, your braking system. It is installed permanently and directly into the side of the trailer and sports a clean look. If you are travelling into British Columbia with your fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer, you are legally required to have this specific wiring system installed.

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