We know that Albertans love to drive big trucks, and many love to adventure outdoors or spend their summers camping. As a truck driver needing to tow items, a weight distribution hitch in Calgary is necessary. Whether you’re towing for recreational or work purposes, a weight distribution hitch is crucial in towing any significant load, such as a trailer or pop-up camper, by evenly distributing the weight across the towing vehicle and trailer, ensuring stability and safety.

If you’re new to outdoor adventuring or are working with a new trailer, this guide aims to identify when you need a weight distribution hitch for your trailer.

Determining the Need for a Weight Distribution Hitch

The necessity for a weight distribution hitch varies with the type and weight of the vehicle and load. For midsize and half-ton trucks, towing loads over 5,000 pounds typically require a weight distribution hitch. Heavy-duty trucks have a slightly higher threshold, requiring one for weights between 6,000 to 8,500 pounds. Consult the owner’s manual to determine your vehicle’s requirements.

Identifying Situations That Require a Weight Distribution Hitch

Consider the trailer’s combined weight and load to decide if you need a weight distribution hitch. For instance, a car on a double-axle trailer or a pull-behind camper often exceeds 5,000 pounds, indicating the need for a hitch. Measuring the height difference between the front and rear of both the vehicle and trailer before and after hitching can indicate if you need a weight distribution hitch. A difference greater than 20mm suggests a need for weight distribution.

Effective Use of a Weight Distribution Hitch

While a weight distribution hitch aids in maintaining balance and smoothness during towing, correct loading is essential. The load should be evenly distributed across the trailer, with heavier items near the axle and balanced to avoid driving difficulties or trailer sway.

Choosing the Right Weight Distribution Hitch in Calgary

Choosing the appropriate weight distribution hitch involves considering the hitch ball height on your vehicle and the type of trailer coupler you will use. Determining the total tongue weight after loading is essential to ensure it matches your towing capabilities.

A weight distribution hitch is critical for safe and efficient towing, particularly when handling loads above certain weight thresholds. Proper use and selection based on vehicle and trailer specifications can enhance towing performance and safety.

Calgary Hitch Shop’s team understands the importance of having proper weight distribution and selecting the proper hitch for your vehicle. With our customer’s safety in mind, we offer a large selection of weight distribution hitches in Calgary.