Do you enjoy skiing or snowboarding? Are you looking for an efficient way to store your sports gear while conserving room in your vehicle? If so, you should consider obtaining a ski rack or cargo box at the Calgary Hitch Shop.

Why? Placing your sports equipment directly in your car poses two problems. One, it could result in severe injury in the unfortunate event of a collision. And two, your sports gear could easily rip, tear, or otherwise damage the interior of your vehicle if you’re not careful.

With this in mind, purchasing a ski rack or cargo box can be of great utility. But you may be curious as to how to find the ones that are best suited for your needs.

Keep reading to learn more.

Yakima Ski Rack

A parallel rack securely fastened to the roof of your vehicle, the Yakima Ski Rack is worth every penny to the outdoor enthusiast. They are very popular for transporting sports gear such as skis, snowboards, and other miscellaneous equipment.

The Calgary Hitch Shop is the only vendor in town that offers an entire line of exceptional products produced by Yakima.

Thule Cargo Box

If you’re in need of a smooth, multifaceted, user-friendly cargo box, then the Calgary Hitch Shop is where you need to be. Thule Cargo boxes offer a streamlined sense of convenience as you’re able to access the box from either side of the cabin of your car.

What to be on the Lookout For

If you’ve chosen the ski racks, you have a multitude of choices. Here’s what to be on the lookout for:

  • Crossbar-mounted: Ensure the ski rack has been mounted to the crossbars.
  • Track-mounted: This feature allows your ski rack to seamlessly slide on the elevated crossbars of your vehicle, and as a result, will make loading your sports gears much easier and more efficient
  • Suction cup rack: No roof bars? No problem. With the suction cups on your vehicle, you’ll be able to still mount the rack


Price is always a factor when it comes to expenditures. A decent ski rack will cost anywhere from $100 to $600, based on the quality, durability, and of course, brand.

With cargo boxes, however, you’re looking at a little more. Try budgeting $300 to $1000 for this item.

Volume of Cargo

This will be based on the amount of equipment you intend to haul. Do you plan on transporting several pairs of skis and multiple snowboards to accommodate friends and family? Or will it be just you?

The answer to these questions will determine the volume of cargo that you’ll require, in addition to the final price tag.

Also, it’s good to note that a single snowboard will consume as much space as two ski pairs. For this reason, whether you plan on doing more skiing or snowboarding should be factored into your final decision as it will affect your cargo capacity.

Check for Compatibility

The last thing you want is to purchase a cargo box or ski rack only to learn that it’s incompatible with your vehicle. To avoid this situation, check to see if the replica in mind offers compatibility with your vehicle.

You can do this by checking to see if your ski racks need crossbars. It will set you back a couple of hundred bucks if you don’t have them. Typically, crossbars are secured to the side rails. And without them, you’ll have to resort to attaching your ski rack to your door frames.

However, certain cargo boxes will only need the side rails. Moreover, the suction cup rack option is always available as well. And if you choose to go that route, then you won’t require any roof bars whatsoever.

What to Consider When installing

Depending on the trim, the ski rack or cargo box will have to be fastened using different methods. However, the majority of them will be in tune with the myriad of bars that are available.

Height Adjustability

There are certain models that allow you to modify the height separating the rack and roof – all in an effort to make room for the size of your ski or snowboard bandages. This will allow your skis and snowboards to fit snugly.


Question: Can the ski rack hold more than just skis?

Answer: Of course! In addition to skis, the ski rack can also hold snowboards, skateboards, longboards, and other materials to save you space within your already compact vehicle. Additionally, its size and dimensions can be shifted and altered to meet your sporting needs – and it can all be done easily, efficiently, and at your convenience.

Question: How can I maintain my ski rack?

Answer: Remove accessories from your ski rack intermittently, preferably at the end of each season. Every summer, exercise prudence by taking your rack off. Additionally, during the winter, ensure you remove your sporting gear and equipment – don’t just leave it on there when you’re done on the slopes. If you won’t use it for a while, remove it.

Question: Will I have to drill any holes through my roof?

Answer: No, you will not have to drill any holes to install the rack. But, if you would like to have the ski rack on your roof permanently, that option is available. There are systems that will fasten it to your roof with no drilling or welding requirements needed. These options offer simple installation as well as easy removals.