Do you have a hitch in Calgary to suit your adventure-ready vehicle? Are you constantly on the move, enjoying the freedom of fishing, hiking, boating, and camping? If you answered yes to both, you know the gear you purchase every year adds up to a small fortune, but everything you own makes outdoor adventures fun and exciting.

Something you may not have considered as an essential part of your gear is a hitch safe. Hitch installers in Calgary can “hook you up” with all your hitch and trailer needs, including a secret place to hide a few of your valuables on your hitch.

What exactly is a hitch safe, and what are the benefits of having one?

Hitch installers Calgary

Hitch installers Calgary

Hitch safe, defined

Similar to a lockbox that may be used for a variety of tradespeople at construction sites, a hitch safe is a steel compartment attached to the trailer hitch on your vehicle. This compact compartment is securely affixed to your hitch with a couple of steel bolts. The container is completely undetectable to prying eyes and protected with a cover to keep out dust and debris stirred up on a long drive.

Stores valuables

One of the benefits of a hitch safe is that you will have a place to store your valuables when you are away on a hike or out in the open water. The compartment can easily house a set of car keys, some cash, a driver’s licence, and credit cards. This is the perfect way to keep your items safe and prevent you from accidentally locking your keys inside your vehicle.

Freedom to roam

When you are enjoying your weekend adventure, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your valuables. Go ahead and climb up the mountain or head out to the middle of the lake for your fishing adventure without accidentally dropping your wallet or keys along the way. You can free yourself from constantly checking your pockets because you know your items are locked safely in your hitch safe at your vehicle.

Easy to use

Your new hitch safe is easy to use. Simply set a personal combination access code, and away you go. You can feel secure knowing your combination code is virtually inaccessible to a would-be thief because there are literally thousands of different combinations you could choose from. A hitch safe is designed to work with most standard hitch receivers on trucks, SUVs, vans or similar vehicle setups.

When you are shopping for hitches in Calgary, don’t forget to ask about a hitch safe as the ideal accessory to your hitch. While we don’t sell hitch safes at our shop, we can provide some great recommendations while we’re helping you find the right hitch for your vehicle.