If biking is your sport, you have several options for hauling one or more bikes for your outdoor excursions. Before deciding on which equipment to go with, the most important factor is ensuring that your bikes are safely mounted and ready to go.

To help you choose which bike rack is best for you, we created this guideline for when you’re ready to pick a car rack for your next adventure.

What is the difference between trunk strap and hitch-mounted bike racks?

Hitch mounted bike racks mount on the rear trailer hitch of your vehicle. They extend the length of your vehicle and limit rear access, though some models can tilt down.

Tip: Before installing a hitch mount, check your vehicle’s manual to verify its towing capacity.

Trunk strap bike racks are mounted to the trunk of your vehicle using a system of straps and are the most economical option for hauling bikes.

Tip: Though rare, some bikes don’t fit perfectly on some trunk or hitch racks. Be sure to test your bike to make sure that it fits on your chosen car rack.

 How to choose the best bike rack for your vehicle

When customers choose Calgary Hitch Shop to purchase a bike rack, we like to ask the following questions to get a better idea of the type of rack they need.

  • What year, make, and model is your vehicle? Whether you drive an SUV, pickup truck, or a sedan, there are vehicle fit guides available to determine which rack fits your specific car.
  • Does your vehicle come with roof crossbars or a trailer hitch? If not, Calgary Hitch Shop can assist to make sure that these are properly installed.
  • What other activities do you do? If you need to carry other equipment such as skis, snowboards, and paddleboards throughout the year, it’s best to plan accordingly and consider a more adaptable system.

Bike rack options are not limited to trunk strap and hitch mounts. If you’re looking for the best recommendation for your specific vehicle and lifestyle, our knowledgable team can answer all of your questions and make sure that you feel comfortable with your purchase.

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