A roof rack typically consists of a crossbar, a tower, and a fit kit. The crossbar is where the load is carried, and the towers are what attach to the specific type of roof. The fit kit is very vehicle-specific, which ensures the rack fits your car brand and model. Certain brands, like Thule roof racks, come with the components needed to easily mount on all types of vehicles.

At Calgary Hitch Shop, we can help you choose a roof rack that fits your car and meets your lifestyle. We can install your roof rack at no extra charge and take you through the steps of demounting it when it’s not in use.

What to Consider When Choosing a Roof Rack

Determine what you will be transporting – A roof rack can fit a cargo box or basket, a rooftop tent, bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, and more. Whether you’ll be transporting tools, sporting gear, a snowboard or skis, it’s important to determine what you need now and what you plan to add in the future. This helps you choose the accessories you need and can influence what type of roof rack you choose.

Some of the best roof racks on the market are ones that can be used for multiple purposes. Keep in mind that some cheaper roof rack options may not accommodate certain mounts and accessories. When choosing a roof rack, be sure not to limit yourself out of options you want.

Follow the weight capacity of your vehicle’s roof – Another important thing to consider is the load-carrying capacity of your vehicle, which can be found in the owner’s manual. When estimating the amount of load you’re carrying, be sure to factor in the weight of the roof rack and cargo box or basket. Brands like Thule and Yakima engineer some of the lightest-weight products available with aerodynamic designs for optimal performance.

Invest in a good quality product – Quality products like Thule roof racks are durable, easy to install, aerodynamic, and versatile. With cheaper roof racks, some of the most common issues car owners report is that they’re bulky, take longer to mount and demount, wobble when driving on highways, and don’t fit as securely to the vehicle as a good quality roof rack would. If you want a roof rack that is strong and will last a long time, top brands are well worth the investment.

Main Roof Types

The roof rack that will fit your car depends on your vehicle’s roof. High-quality brands have a solution for every type of vehicle roof with fit kits made for the specific vehicle.

  • Bare roofs do not have tracks, rails, or built-in attachment points, but some may have hidden attachments under a flap. For bare roofs, a clip-fitted roof rack fits to the vehicle’s door frame.
  • Raised side rails are slightly elevated and are designed to hold a roof rack system with the tower fitted all the way around the rail.
  • Flush side rails sit directly against the roof and typically have pinholes to fit the towers of a roof rack.

Finding the Right Roof Rack in Calgary

At Calgary Hitch Shop, we carry quality brands like Blue Ox®, Swagman, Thule, and Yakima®, along with many other top names. If you’re in the market for a quality roof rack, give us a call or come into our shop. One of our professional team members can help you choose the right system for your particular use and vehicle.