Going on a road trip when you have several large items to bring with you is much simpler with a good hitch. Not every hitch is made for the same thing. You may want to take your beloved motorcycle on the road or pack all your belongings and load them into the trailer attached to your vehicle. Perhaps your road trip is for your agriculture or towing business. Either way, you need a hitch that can handle the load.

Here is some information on the different types of hitches you can get a Calgary hitch installer to put on your vehicle.

Trailer hitches

A hitch that carries a trailer comes in two different categories:

  • Fixed tongue trailer hitch
  • Receiver style trailer hitch

Fixed tongue trailer hitch

Also known as a weight carrying hitch, this type of trailer hitch is permanently situated on the back of your vehicle. It is great if you are constantly using a trailer. If you need to tow a heavy load, fixed tongue trailer hitches can handle the extra weight.

Calgary hitch installer

Calgary hitch installer

Receiver style trailer hitch

This style of trailer hitch allows you to remove the ball mount so you can take the trailer hitch off your vehicle and store it when needed. The versatility of these hitches is what makes them so great since they can be placed on the front or back of your vehicle.

Gooseneck hitches

Easily able to mount to the bed of your truck, this style of hitch is ideal for heavy-duty work. You can haul cars, large flatbeds, livestock, and pretty much any type of commercial and industrial trailer.

5th wheel hitches

Perfect for hauling your new live-in trailer, 5th wheel hitches attach to the bed of your truck with a hitch plate that is connected to a kingpin to reduce swaying and give you a quieter ride than a Gooseneck hitch. Semi-trucks often use this kind of hitch so, as you probably concluded, they can carry a heavy load. These hitches are excellent when needing to maneuver around corners because of their smooth turning radius.

5th wheel puck hitches

A 5th wheel puck hitch allows for easy installation with the addition of legs and a slider. Load anything onto your 5th wheel hitch in almost no time at all.

Distribution hitches

A distribution hitch keeps the tongue weight at a manageable range, levelling it out across all axles for balance. You should be able to avoid vehicle sag with this type of hitch. It is good to keep in mind that these hitches are really only needed if you have a bumper pull trailer.

RV/Flat towing hitches

For a clean towing look, an RV/flat towing hitch can provide this. Not all vehicles are able to flat tow, so it is crucial you check your manufacturer booklet to see if you can flat tow. This type of towing lets you connect and disconnect your vehicle to the braking system of your RV.

Custom hitches

If you can’t find what you need at your local hitch shop, then you can get a hitch installer in Calgary to put a custom hitch on your vehicle. Getting a custom hitch means you can choose one that is ideal for your towing situation.

No matter the type of hitch your Calgary hitch installer is placing on your vehicle, always make sure it matches the height and weight specifications of your car or truck. A hitch allows you to bring so much more with you on a trip.