Road trips are tons of fun, but the packing process can get complicated. If only there was a way for you to fit all your bulky items like your snowboard, camping gear or water toys neatly into your car. You’re in luck! All you need is a roof box and roof bars to hold it on top of your vehicle. While searching “roof boxes for car” online, you will discover a wide array of sizes to suit your needs. Just make sure the one you get is right for your vehicle type.

Forget needing to play around with straps to secure your box in place. Once you have placed your roof box on your roof bars as per the manufacturer’s instructions, it will be locked into place. There is no need to worry about driving around with straps flailing into your vision from the wind. You can drive like normal, knowing that your belongings are safe atop your vehicle.

Vehicle rooftop box

Vehicle rooftop box

Are the belongings of your roof box safe from the outside elements?

You have possessions inside your rooftop cargo containers that you don’t want to get ruined, but the weather is unpredictable. Don’t let your items get soggy or destroyed if it rains or snows while you are driving on the highway. A vehicle rooftop box is water-resistant, as long as you secure the locking mechanism. For complete coverage of any gaps in your box, you can get a waterproof storage bag, most likely from the same manufacturer as an addition to your rooftop container.

Are you worried about your rooftop cargo containers on a long-distance road trip during the peak of summer? The sun’s UV rays can get inside your rooftop cargo carriers and fade your belongings. Look for models that have the exterior shells treated for ultraviolet protection to help prevent damage caused by the sun.

Will weather destroy your vehicle’s rooftop box?

Though for the most part weatherproof, your rooftop box can sustain damage if you don’t take care of it properly. Here are some tips to keep it in top shape:

  • Grease clamps that are exposed to metal to minimize corrosion over time
  • Remove your cargo box from your vehicle when the weather gets really bad like during a hailstorm, to keep it extra safe
  • Store your vehicle rooftop box in a dry area when not in use to avoid moisture from entering it
  • Use a colour restorer each time you notice fading from the sun. This will help bring the colour back to life a little and bring back some of its shine.

Be more comfortable on your road trip with extra space to move around by placing your belongings securely inside your rooftop cargo container. No matter the weather, rooftop cargo carriers take the stress away from you worrying about the items in your roof box getting ruined.