Did you know that Thule roof racks have fittings for almost all car makes and models? That’s right, the brand Thule is one of the most sought-after for car owners across the globe for their high standards in quality, innovative products, and safety. This, among many others, is one of the reasons why we proudly carry and recommend Thule products for many of our customers.

With a Thule roof rack in Calgary, you’re set for a lifetime of adventures ahead with your vehicle – whether you’re hauling skis, bikes, canoes, or a Tepui tent. There are a few different systems available, which we’ll explain below.

Thule roof racks

Thule roof racks

Why Thule roof racks?

  • Available for most types of vehicles – Thule works closely with the car industry to design roof racks that seamlessly integrate with most car makes and models. Bring your car into our shop and we can help you choose the ideal roof rack for your vehicle and lifestyle.
  • Tried and tested – To ensure driver and passenger safety, these sturdy racks are tested beyond its limits. The official test centre for Thule products involves wear and tear simulations, various crash tests, and tests against extreme heat, cold, sunlight, and harsh chemicals.
  • Integrates with other Thule cargo accessories – With a Thule roof rack, you’re not limited to only the racks for carrying extra cargo. Other accessories, including Thule roof boxes, Tepui tents, and carrier baskets, can be combined with Thule roof racks.

The different types of Thule roof racks

There are a few different types of Thule roof rack systems available. Some of the most common are:

  • Thule Square Bar – This roof rack is the most economical option, made of impact-resistant polymer coating and classic galvanized steel square bars. The load bar dimensions and fit kits are adapted for your specific vehicle.
  • Thule WingBar – This roof rack is an aerodynamic system with a WindDiffuser technology designed to reduce drag and keep wind noise to a minimum. The aluminum bars include T-track slots, allowing you to use the full length of the bars and providing maximum loading area. Customers enjoy the quiet ride and the stylish, low-profile look with the Thule WingBar.
  • Thule ProBar Evo – Made for heavy-duty use, this roof rack system is made of strong aluminum with a flexible tri-slot design for fitting a range of individual and combined accessories.

Choosing the right roof rack for your vehicle

The right rack system for your vehicle depends on a number of factors. As a starting point, we recommend determining what type of items you’ll be carrying. Car owners who frequently carry big sporting goods such as a bike or kayak will need a specific rack system while a rooftop box is sufficient for those interested in transporting smaller items.

As you’re looking for the right roof rack for your vehicle, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • The load capacity of your car (usually found in your car owner’s manual)
  • The type of cargo you’ll be carrying
  • The design of your car’s roof for the correct fixing system (including fixpoints, raised roof rails, flush roof rails, and clamp-around fittings)

When you’re ready to make a decision or you feel lost with the different products available to you, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!