Over the past few years, rooftop tents have become a must-have outdoor adventure gear. The rooftop tent has always been a staple in places like Africa and Australia, where campers need to sleep out of reach of potentially dangerous wildlife.

Recently, soft shell and hard shell rooftop tents are gaining in popularity in North America. The question is – is it worth investing in one? At Calgary Hitch Shop, we’re big fans of rooftop tents for many reasons.

Rooftop Tents

If you’re curious about the benefits of rooftop tents, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top five reasons to invest money in a rooftop tent for your next outdoor adventure.

1. No difficult assembly required

Unlike traditional tents, soft shell and hard shell rooftop tents don’t come with complicated poles, stakes, and rain flaps. Rooftop tents are extremely convenient – simply unzip the cover, flip the tent open, and secure. It’s that easy!

2. You’re elevated off the ground

Sleeping above ground level means increased safety away from potentially dangerous animals. Furthermore, sleeping off the ground will keep you warmer at night when the temperature drops. You can sleep soundly knowing that you’re at an elevated height for a comfortable night’s rest.

3. No need to carry an extra mattress

Most softshell and hardshell rooftop tents come with a built-in mattress that is much more comfortable than traditional inflatable mattresses. The extra room in your vehicle and eliminating the extra step of setting up your mattress is an added bonus.

4. You can set up camp anywhere

With a rooftop tent, all you need is a level parking space to set up. This is especially beneficial for road trips to save you time looking for a proper campsite and saves you money on hotels.

5. You have more room

Without the need to pack a variety of tent gear, including poles, pegs, mattresses, rain flaps, air tubes, guy lines, and other attachments, you’ll have more room in your vehicle to store other gear and equipment. On a road trip, extra cargo room is especially beneficial for the comfort of your passengers.

Investing in a rooftop tent

Rooftop tents come in two main styles: soft shell and hard shell rooftop tents. Softshell rooftop tents open out to the side while hard shell rooftop tents pop up.

If you’d like to see examples of each to decide which type is right for your lifestyle, visit our friendly team at The Calgary Hitch Shop. Whether you’re looking for a rooftop tent or you need gear to enhance your outdoor experiences, we are ready to answer your questions.