Tepui rooftop tents are a relatively new product in North America that is rapidly increasing in popularity. However, in places like Australia, rooftop tents have been an essential piece of camping gear for years.

They provide comfort, convenience, and keep dangerous bugs and critters away. It’s one of the reasons why a rooftop tent is a must-have piece of equipment for road trips and camping. Today, we’re talking about five of the biggest advantages of Tepui rooftop tents.

Tepui roof racks

Tepui roof racks

1. Easy to set up

When compared to a standard ground tent, rooftop tents are fairly easy and simple to set up. They are placed on a Tepui roof rack with a protective cover. When you’re ready to set up, simply remove the cover, take the straps off, set up the ladder, and unfold. If you’re putting up the annex, you’ll need an additional 5-10 minutes to set up.

2. Convenience of mobility

With a Tepui rooftop tent, you can set up camp anywhere your vehicle can legally park. Rooftop tents are great for adventures on the road when you’re moving from place to place or on weekend trips to the Rocky Mountains.

3. A comfortable night’s rest

Tepui rooftop tents come with a solid and sturdy base and a comfortable mattress built in. Some models include an anti-condensation mat to keep moisture from building up. The internal frame is wrapped and built to withstand harsh environments.

Unlike standard ground tents, rooftop tents aren’t built to be lightweight for easy carrying. Because they are installed on your vehicle’s roof, the material is thicker, more durable, and long-lasting. The thicker material keeps more warmth in for a comfortable and cozy night’s rest.

4. Safety and security

Being off the ground means more protection against animals, bugs, and other critters from entering the tent. If it rains overnight, there will be less risk of flooding or mud. Rooftop tents are secure and built for the rugged outdoors.

5. Frees up storage space

No need to pack the tent bag with poles and other accessories. With the rooftop tent installed onto your roof rack, you have more storage in your vehicle for other gear.

It’s easy to see why Tepui rooftop tents are a hot commodity. They are quality made with UV and mold-resistant material, a heavy-duty frame, and construction made to last through years of road adventures ahead.