Having a rooftop carrier is a great way to transport your equipment without compromising the space in your vehicle. If you’re looking for a solution to transport your skis or snowboard, you may be deciding between a ski box or a ski rack for your vehicle. In this article, we focus specifically on ski boxes and their benefits.

Yakima ski boxes Calgary

Yakima ski boxes Calgary

1. Ski boxes keep your belongings safe and secure

Ski and snowboard equipment is expensive, and leaving them exposed in the trunk of your car attracts thieves. Many quality ski box models like a Thule Ski box or Yakima Ski box come with a lock and key system to keep your equipment safe. The extra security gives you peace of mind when you park your car to grab a bite to eat after a day on the slopes.

2. Extra space all year round

Ski boxes in Calgary are not limited to winter equipment. In the warmer months, you can store camping gear, fishing poles, sports equipment, backpacks, luggage, and all the items you need for a road trip. These boxes are sturdy and can safely store many items.

Rooftop boxes come in a range of sizes to fit your lifestyle. With a rooftop box, you’ll always have extra room in your vehicle.

3. Modern ski boxes are more aerodynamic and innovative than ever

One of the concerns about cargo boxes is that they can negatively impact your gas mileage. As a solution, Thule ski boxes offer a modern, sleek design that is more aerodynamic than previous models. These models won’t affect your speed or your car’s performance on the highway.

Along with aerodynamic features, Yakima offers a solar cargo box that introduces a first-of-its-kind solar panel. When you’re out in the wilderness, the last thing you want to do is use up your car’s battery and risk being stranded. It comes with two USB ports for charging devices without taking power from the vehicle.

Final thoughts

In Alberta, where many residents are avid outdoor adventures, having a rooftop box makes it easier to carry everything you need for a day in the mountains, lake, campground, or park. Whatever your use, a Thule or Yakima ski box in Calgary can benefit any car owner!